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Not everything you have stays forever.

Not everything you have stays forever, but there are things you would be glad to fight for so you can have them longer.

Just as our lives have a beginning, they also have an ending. There are many things that we will experience in our lives that will stay for a long period of time, but the only thing that will last forever is our relationship with the almighty God, everything else will eventually expire, no matter how much we may not want it to. This doesn’t mean that you can’t fight for the things in your life that you desire to keep in your life for longer.

There will be battles and tests for relationships we develop with others, there will be battles and tests while we try to maintain a lifestyle that we worked so hard to get to live, and there will be trials and adversity that we must face when we are truly living our lives, instead of just waiting for life to happen. Not everything we would like to stay forever will stay forever, but as long as you still have breath in your lungs, you have the choice to fight for whatever it is that is important enough for you to fight for.

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Sad thing is you can still love someone…

“Sad thing is you can still love someone, and be wrong for them.”

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you are necessarily the right person that they should be in love with. Real love asks a lot from us. It says that we, as people who are nowhere close to being perfect, make and maintain as perfect of a relationship as possible with the ones we love.

When we think of love, many of us think of a perfect union without many flaws. On the surface of a relationship, things may seem very well, but when you start to really dig into a relationship, it is easy to find flaw, and to want to escape from something that is suddenly not as stable as we once thought to be.

Choosing to continue to love someone is hard, especially when you feel as though you arent good enough to be with them. Be confident in who you are, and make choices that will be the best for both parties involved.

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I’m so sick of words…

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Don’t let a choice of lust come between…

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Fighting In Relationships

You can’t have a relationship without any fights, but you can make your relationship worth the fight.

No matter what the movies, and the fairy tale stories we hear about love say, there isn’t always a happily ever after, and VERY rarely do relationships carry forward without any tests or fights along the way. The simple option for most couples enduring hardships between both participants is to either let an argument break them, or let the argument make them a more secure couple that grows from disagreements and turmoil.

Couples are forced to choose whether they realize it or not, if their relationship is worth the fight. An important key to remember for those who are thinking of breaking up is that no matter what or who you are with, there will probably be fights, but if you can never seem to get past the fights of the past, it may not be worth taking the relationship you have into the future. Only you know what is in your heart, and only you truly know what your heart is able to take, so make sure whatever you choose is worth it.

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Is Your Broken Relationship Worth Saving?

When you break up with someone you love it really hurts.  You have all that history together and you remember all the good times you once shared and all the happy memories you have of your time together.  You feel so heartbroken and try to figure out what went wrong.

But sometimes a relationship ends simply because it has come to the natural end of its life.  I believe some relationships have a limited time, it doesn’t mean the relationship was bad or worthless, it can simply mean that you are now moving in different directions and want different things from life.

When I got married many years ago, I like many people, believed it would last forever.  I was young, in love and had romantic ideas about married life. As it turned out my marriage lasted for 18 years, which I think is not too bad by today’s standards.

Towards the end things got really bad between me and my ex husband and it was a relief when we decided to end it.  The marriage had been going wrong for a long time and despite trying hard to make it work, in the end things were too far gone and it had to end.  But once we decided it was over, we could then be friends and stop all the fighting.

Looking back I see the relationship as a time we had together that was limited and that was just the way it was meant to be.  We had good times and bad times.  I like to remember the good times and not be consumed with hate or bitterness.  Its not worth it.  We had our time together and then it was time to move on.

I cannot imagine still being married to my ex husband now, it feels like a lifetime ago.  And I feel like different person.

I think that is the reason why a lot of relationships break down and end.  People want different things at that particular period in their lives.

For example you could be dating some gorgeous guy and you feel like its time to get serious and you want more commitment.  You start applying pressure on him but he only wants a casual relationship so he eventually breaks up with you.  Perhaps a couple of years down the line he would have been ready for more commitment, but at that particular time he wasn’t.

Another time a relationship ends because you grow apart and just want different things out of life.  People change other the years, tastes change, points of view change and if you don’t change in the same direction as your partner, then it could mean the end of the relationship.

People often stay together out of habit.  You get so used to your partner being part of your life, it feels comfortable and natural.  Even if the couple are always fighting and arguing, it can become a way of life that is so familiar to them that they think its normal.

Being single again can be a bit scary.  You can get so used to having your partner to turn to and lean on.

But being single again can also be great.  You regain your freedom and can do just as you please.  There is no one to answer to but yourself.

The world is full of possibilities and other people.

So if you find your broken relationship is just not worth saving, then move on.

Be strong and enjoy being a single independent person again.

From http://brokenrelationshipadvice.com/is-your-broken-relationship-worth-saving/


How Do I Know If My Relationship is Worth Saving?

Every relationship has its rough spots; there are no “perfect” unions. However, if you have earnestly tried your best to make your relationship work and it’s not happening, at some point you must decide when its time to let go. You will eventually be faced with the question, “is my relationship worth saving?” If you and your partner are seriously willing to work on the relationship it would be wise to first sit down and communicate your thoughts and feelings with each other. One of the biggest downfalls of a relationship is the lack of communication. Have you experimented with ways to breathe life back into your relationship? Maybe you have already tried these things and they are only effective for a short period of time.

I am a firm believer that love can conquer all things and work miracles. Let’s face facts there is no way that two imperfect people are going to have a perfect relationship. There must be compromises and many “I’m sorry” spoken along the way. It is also true that two people that are not truly in love with each other will not be able to weather relationship storms for very long. If there is no love, no commitment, there is nothing for which to work for.

Take this simple test to gauge the level of love and commitment in your relationship. Write a list of the people you most enjoy spending time with. Is your spouse or partner on that list? Do you really enjoy spending time together? When was the last time you went out and just had fun? Is it possible for the two of you to do that? Are you content just being with them? A good relationship between two people is going to be one where they can enjoy being together or can feel content just having the person there. I know from personal experience that I can be in a crowded room and all I see is my partner. I can sit there laughing and talking with my partner for hours and if that room should totally clear out – it would make no difference to me just as long as we are together in that place. Is that how you feel about your partner?

Your relationship should feel good and is supposed to be a place where you can go when you need comfort and understanding. One of the greatest qualities a partner can bring into a relationship is that of being a good listener. If you find yourself looking elsewhere for comfort, for a listening ear, or for someone that considers your feelings; then obviously your present relationship is not meeting your needs. Is this a relationship worth saving?

However, if you have separated and honestly believe that the relationship is worth saving, you have the option of getting back together. If there is love, there is hope and that’s all that is needed to start patching things up again. This time instead of trying to work things out on your own, seek help through informational books on relationship building and how to solve common relationship problems. Seek professional counseling or advice from friends who have long successful relationships. You don’t have to go it alone because you are never alone when it comes to issues surrounding relationships.

By Rainne Rae

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Is Your Relationship Worth Saving? 6 Signs It’s Time to Let Go

Deciding if a relationship is over is extremely hard for all parties involved. Sometimes, it can be even harder than the aftermath of a breakup, because it leaves both parties in a sort of limbo state. At least once you have broken up, the decision has been made and dealing with the decision can begin. So, how do you know if you should try and save your relationship, or if sadly, it is time to finally end it?

1. If you are already thinking of ending it, that should say something to you.

Sure, everyone has fights or disagreements, however, it’s when you start thinking “maybe I should leave,” or “maybe we should just end it” that you already know something has shifted.

2. The last time you were happy was a month ago.

Happiness is key to the future of your relationship and to your future as an individual. If you aren’t happy anymore, then it’s time to let go. More importantly, you cannot pin your happiness to another person; it has to come from you. Everyone deserves to be happy, so if you spend more time dwelling on times when you were happy or thinking of how you could be happy than actually feeling happy, it’s time for something to change.

3. Your eye or mind has started wandering.

Of course everyone takes notice of attractive people, or has a little flirt – that’s just natural. However, when you start really taking notice of other people, or you start to think about them on a more consistent basis, it might be a way of mentally escaping your present situation. The key is that if this becomes stronger, always make sure you end your current relationship before you ever start anything with someone else.

4. You both have different future goals. Some relationships don’t end because the love is gone.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as different future goals. Whether this is to do with wanting to start a family, or work goals or where to live, this can be very common in relationships. They key is to stay true to yourself. As much as you love someone, you have to do what is right for you. Just because it might mean the end of your romantic relationship does not mean it has to be the end of the relationship, full-stop. It is better to be realistic about this than one of you try and bend your future wants to someone else.

5. You seem more like friends than partners.

This can be hard to identify, but sometimes, your relationship just changes over time. If you become better friends than partners, then don’t be afraid to just be friends.

6. The relationship becomes one-sided.

Relationships are about equality and no matter how nice it might be to give and feel needed, or to receive and be looked after, a relationship should be about balance. Each partner should give and receive as each person in the relationship has needs. If it becomes one-sided, resentment builds and can lead to problems.

When we have invested in something, especially someone, it is hard to know when to let go. The truth is that relationships are hard, but they should always be full of love, respect, care, support and happiness. If you are no longer happy, it is best to really look at the different factors in your life and see if you can identify the reasons. Remember, just because you do not work as a couple does not mean you have to lose that person from your life. You can still save the relationship, but sometimes what you need to save is a friendship.

By Davina Dummer, BounceBack.com Editorial Staff


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Many relationships can’t work…

Many relationships can’t work
because sometimes even when you love the person,
the timing just isn’t right.

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When you allow another into your life over and over again…

When you allow another into your life over and over again,
and continue to let them hurt you and abuse you,
you are saying to them that they matter more to you than your self-respect and dignity.

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