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Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix…

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I’m on my way to brighter days.

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Take all the time you need to heal emotionally.

Take all the time you need to heal emotionally. Moving on doesn’t take a day. It takes a lot of little steps to be able to break free of your broken self.

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Starting Over And Moving On

Sometimes our lives are not about giving up, but are more about being able to be strong enough and courageous enough to move on from a situation. There are many instances in which we should all be willing to move on from a situation that is broken, and there will always be similar instances as these that we will continue to encounter throughout our lifetimes. We must learn and cope with the fact that sometimes some things in our lives just can’t be fixed.

In order to maintain the best relationships we have to be in relationships with people who are reasonable and willing to compromise. In order to salvage our future we must be willing to admit the mistakes we have committed in our life, and make changes that we never thought that we would implement a day in our lives. Never be afraid to move on when you have to, for sometimes it is the only option.

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Moving On In Life

Experiencing pain from a recent break-up? It is important to know that times like these are some of the hardest and most trying times in a person’s life. Yes it hurts to wake up sometimes, it hurts to know that someone that we gave so much of ourselves to is just gone from our lives, and we may cry and grieve to let as much of the pain out as we can.

There is a time to grieve, just as there is a time to heal. Seeking revenge isn’t a way to allow your heart to heal, seeking revenge only makes a hurting heart hurt more in the long run, and doesn’t help a persons heart build, but instead, tears it down even more.

Instead a person must realize that in order to get better, he or she must make an effort to, and also that just because you may be experiencing these feelings of severity right now, if you can withstand them and learn from them, you will soon be able to reach heights that you never imagined that you could reach.

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Look Back, Remember, Smile, Then Move On

Never forget where you came from. If we forget where we came from and what made us who we are now, then we will have no foundation to stand up on, and we will eventually crumble. Whether you love your past or completely loathe it, you must know that you will never be able to completely put your past behind you, sooner or later it will creep back into your thoughts, like it or not. So, make the best of it.

Look back at the good times and smile, not because you had good times then, but because there are many more good times to come, and many more good memories to be made. Look back at the bad times as well and smile, because now that you have been through those experiences, you are stronger and wiser, and even more equipped to handle the world and everything it throws at you!

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The truth is, unless you let go…

The truth is, unless you let go,
unless you forgive yourself,
unless you forgive the situation,
unless you realize that that situation is over,
you cannot move forward.
~ Steve Maraboli

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Sometimes, way too much has happened

Sometimes, way too much has happened for people to remain friends.
So, you keep the memories but you find yourself moving on.

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No matter what happened in the past or at present…

No matter what happened in the past or at present, keep moving forward! Sometimes the past will try to join you in your present and future, kindly and lovingly decline. Tell them you’re looking forward to what the future holds and not to what the past is trying to drag back into your life.

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Life can go on, that you can be happy…

Life can go on, that you can be happy,
that you can survive without some people in your life.

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