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You Never Stop Loving Someone

You never stop loving someone. You either never did, or you always will.

Trying to stop loving someone is almost the only thing that can’t be done. Doing so would require that the piece of your heart given away by a person stricken with love for another, to be returned to its previous owner, it would require that memories both good and bad be erased from a person’s brain, and for feelings that were supposed to be for a lifetime to disappear with no remnants anywhere.

People do get past their pasts, and in fact we have to in order to get to the future in the best fashion, but somehow an old flame of love is something that can diminish greatly in a person’s heart, but can never fully disappear. Be careful with whom you love and how you love because you never stop loving someone, you either never did, or you always will.

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Life Is Too Short To Wait

One quality we all must learn to develop early in our lives is to not just wish for things. Yes, it is very important for everyone to have dreams in their lives, to set goals, and to desire to success. Since we never know how much time that we really have on the earth to do the things that we truly desire so we must be willing to not only wish for things, but to go after our desires with action.

We have to be willing to not only dream, but to take steps towards realizing our dreams, to not only set goals, but also be willing to do the things necessary to go after our goals. Though in some aspects of our lives being patient and waiting will benefit us greatly, but when it pertains to the desires that we have in our hearts, we have to be willing to simply go for it. Life is too short to wait around just wishing. 

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Someone Still Loves You

One thing about life that tells us it isn’t always fair is how we ignore the ones who love us the most, yet we love the most the ones who just ignore us. Just because someone may not love you as you love him or her, doesn’t mean that you should ignore all of those who love you. Doing so is a decision that all of us usually make either purposely or by default at one point in our lives, and is also an important lesson for us to learn from for the rest of our lives.

If someone doesn’t treat as special as you deserve to be treated, and doesn’t love you the way that you deserved to be loved, as a person who is uniquely and wonderfully made, chances are this person doesn’t deserve to have you in their lives. Make time and effort for the people who still love you and for the people that will always love you, instead of devoting yourself to those who just ignore how beautiful of a person you really are.

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Love Right Now

Loving every moment of every day is a great attitude to have to get through life. True enough, hardly anyone is truly happy at all times, but those who make a great effort to be, are usually the ones who are most content with the life that they are living. Love right now, love where you are even if you aren’t exactly where you want to be in life just yet. Love the people that are around you, even if these people don’t seem to believe in you, or even if they don’t seem to support you as much as you would like.

Love right now because you have life, and you have the ability to show the world what differences that you can make to it to make it a better world for everybody in it. Love right now because you are love, because love shines through you, and because there is no one on this earth exactly like you. Love right now because you are beautiful, and you enjoy all of the beauty that life has to offer.

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Signs of True Love

When someone really loves you, they will accept you for who you are with your flaws and all, and will still want you in their life. This is not to say that they won’t push you to be a better person, and to think bigger, and dream bigger than you already do, but they will never disrespect you or want to change the person that you are at heart as well.

When someone is able to love you and be there for you despite how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle, and seeing what a mess you can be at times, you probably should hold on tight to them, because in this day and age people that love other people at their worst are hard to come by. Though we all have flaws, and some of us are probably worse than others, we must all make an effort to be easy to be loved. Love requires us to work at it, not only at the relationship, but on ourselves as well. Never take for granted someone who is willing to stick around while you are nowhere near reaching your potential in life.

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Don’t Waste Time On What Could Have Been

There are many times in our lives when our brains force us to relive a moment that we experienced in the past, making us think of what we could have done in order to make things work out better, instead of what we did. When these thoughts come to us, we must choose instead to think about life as we know it now, and what it will be in the future. Never let your past mistakes, failures, or successes, cloud your dreams for the future.

What is done is done, and though we can relive our old memories in our head, we can never relive them physically. We must be willing to learn from our past, remember what made us successful, and remember what we failed in, in order to best prepare for the successes of the future. The only person that can prevent you from prospering in the future is the person that you are now, not who you were two years ago, two months ago, or two days ago.

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You Can’t Please Everyone

Stop wasting your time on people who don’t love you.

For some, especially for those whose interest relies heavily on pleasing everyone around them, wasting time on people who don’t love them in an effort to try to convince those people to love them is a major part of their lives. If you are one of these people, it is time for you to make a change today. Life is way too short to waste time trying to convince someone that you are worthy to be loved.

God made us all unique, glorious individuals, and if someone refuses to see how special that you are, then you should refuse to even give them time out of your day. Stop wasting the precious time you have on the people who don’t love you, and focus the spending of your time on the people who do love you. Also, be sure to make time to focus on loving yourself, doing so will make it very easy for a very deserving person to love you as well.

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Fighting In Relationships

You can’t have a relationship without any fights, but you can make your relationship worth the fight.

No matter what the movies, and the fairy tale stories we hear about love say, there isn’t always a happily ever after, and VERY rarely do relationships carry forward without any tests or fights along the way. The simple option for most couples enduring hardships between both participants is to either let an argument break them, or let the argument make them a more secure couple that grows from disagreements and turmoil.

Couples are forced to choose whether they realize it or not, if their relationship is worth the fight. An important key to remember for those who are thinking of breaking up is that no matter what or who you are with, there will probably be fights, but if you can never seem to get past the fights of the past, it may not be worth taking the relationship you have into the future. Only you know what is in your heart, and only you truly know what your heart is able to take, so make sure whatever you choose is worth it.

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The Shadow Of The Past Holds The Future Hostage

The shadow of the past will hold the future hostage only if you let it. The wonderful thing about life is that we all have a chance in every single second of it to change our future. Think about it, with every breath we take, with every thought we think, and with every word we utter, we have the chance to become someone who we never presented ourselves as before.

To a certain extent the past might always have at least a portion of the future hostage, but truthfully if we are willing to transform our lives and use the past as a stepping-stone for our future endeavors the shadow that our pasts will cast on our future will barely be visible. We must never forget where we came from, but we must also never forget that as long as we believe, there is always hope for a brighter future.

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Trust In A Relationship

Love is weakest when there is more doubt than trust
but LOVE is strongest when we learn to trust in spite of the doubts.

Learning to trust can be what makes a relationship strong, while leaning on doubt is like a wrecking ball to almost any relationship. Trust is something that isn’t discussed by most couples until problems relating to trust usually start to arise. In actuality trust should be discussed by relationship partners way before any problems arise, and set boundaries should be erected so that the relationship participants not only have clear knowledge on what issues could arise from crossing these set boundaries, but how to avoid these problems from arising all together.

What’s most important is that relationship participants give each other the benefit of the doubt when issues of trust arise unless there is undisputable proof of disloyalty. Otherwise, if the participants in a relationship have no trust for one another, the best choice that they could possibly be make is to end the relationship that will surely deteriorate with an overwhelming portion of doubt surrounding it.

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